Digital Campaign Planning

Digital Marketing campaigns are a must have strategy for most businesses.
Digital Campaign Planning begins once your objective is set to clear.


Based on whether you require to increase awareness, grow conversion rate or increase the reach of your new product or service, the digital campaign planning will be strategized. We at Red Berries, plan your digital campaigns in USA based on your specific objectives.

Increase Brand Awareness
We provide you with outcome-based campaigns to show you a real return on investment and not just data that has no actionable insights to it. We at Red Berries can help you achieve brand awareness by ensuring we have a digital campaign plan of action to achieve the below listed goals:

-Your brand gets mentioned on the world’s largest search engines.
-We can monitor the latest feedback from your customers on the digital platforms to retain your brand’s credibility.
-Increasing website visits is a clear metric of rise in brand awareness.
-We create strategies to increase social media followers in a specific time period.
-Run platform-centric campaigns such as sponsored social media ads or Google keyword ads

PPC Keyword Research
PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. In a PPC campaign, the ad spend is directly correlated with the number of clicks on an ad campaign. More the number of clicks, higher the overall ad spent on a campaign. A PPc campaign is a highly targeted campaign with various interest based, demographics based and location based filters put in place before initiating the PPC campaign. This helps your ad spend to be utilized wisely. We at Red Berries USA ensure to deliver optimised results within the allotted budget.

Increase Brand Awareness

Content Marketing Plan
Based on your objective the content will vary. Be it a keyword search campaign or long form blog content, we will create a plan that meets your objectives. We will not isolate this process from the planning stage. Your content should be consistent on all the digital platforms. We have the experienced creative team to carry out this task.

Digital Marketing KPIs
Before we set the desired goals, you need to know where you stand currently so that when the campaign is over, you would be able to know if you have met the desired goal or not. We create a structure with certain key indicators to benchmark and monitor the progress of the campaign.

Our strategies and solutions at the digital campaign planning stage involve providing ideas to fulfill your digital marketing needs, be it brand awareness, lead generation, social media marketing, increasing website visibility or any other such objective. Red Berries USA has decades of experience in delivering optimum results for their clients and run a successful digital campaign.

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